Software + Data Engineer

EIN Intelligence's mission is to solve problems in the industry by applying cloud and AI technologies. We look for people who are enthusiastic in learning and passionate about making a difference in our lives. We know that we are what we repeatedly do, and thus we inspire each other and encourage to develop the habit of excellence to achieve ambitious goals.


  • Meet and discuss with customers to define problems clearly and efficiently, verbally and in writing
  • Work with team to build solutions in agile process and iterate quickly to improve the quality
  • Always be learning the latest inventions and best practices of cloud and AI technologies


  • Enthusiasm for cloud and AI
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Experience in Python, Git, React, Angular, MySQL, Redis, Elastic, MongoDB, etc
  • Experience in either [Dataflow, BigQuery, Tensorflow, etc] or [AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Istio, Apigee, etc]

Please send your CV to